The Wrecks  Podcast

Meet Los Angeles indie Rockers, The Wrecks who has just only released one three-song EP, We Are The Wrecks, which features "Favorite Liar." The song caught the attention of Jeff Reagan at SiriusXM’s Alt Nation and was top #5 on their Alt-18 countdown for almost 12 weeks. It was top 40 at Alternative Radio and currently has almost 6.5 Million streams on Spotify; The live video has garnered over 470,000 views on YouTube.  

They are now back with a brand new 5 track EP called Panic Vertigo and we play their new single "Way With Words" in studio.  Follow this band here


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Jay Hype is Not Emotionally Available  Podcast

It’s now 2018, still riding with the support of close friends Kanye, Virgil, IBN Jasper, Jaden Smith etc Jay Hype is clearly here to stay. Let’s begin with the obvious: Jay Hype is who you need to know, what you need to breathe, and who you need to be following as she releases her debut EP, NEA, through Kolbat. “NEA” is an acronym for “Not Emotionally Available”, a mood this rapper wears quite well. 

Before then, you may have not known much about Jay Hype, but this year the 20 year old is on a mission to claim 2018 as her own as she gears up for the re-release of NEA. 

With this EP, Hype delivers an assortment of unforgettable tracks, combining the pulsating sounds of EDM, and groundbreaking aura of Hip-Hop as she describes navigating through the trials and tribulations of life, drugs, women, and newfound fame.  NEA starts with a brisk awakening “Lost” then follows through with a melodic ballot “Lines”; capturing her urge to be the “best out”; ending with “People”—a cocky, yet rebellious track where the she silences her opposition. 

Through and through, NEA offers a certain cynicism, a refreshing break from today’s “mumble rap” generation. There is not a moment where Hype loses your engagement; each track has a new burst of energy, injecting levels of euphoric sensations complimented with the rapper’s soothing, yet raspy tone. In a world where the distribution is key, NEA is definitely the perfect playlist to stream for your everyday mood.

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Ships Have Sailed   Podcast

LA based, Ships Have Sailed stops by DASH to play a couple of songs in studio with us.  We look into their latest one "Let's Just Dance". 

The track is a dreamy, exuberant swirl of emotions, disguised as a whimsical love song. "I wanted to dive a little deeper and explore the struggle of always wanting more no matter what you already have, which I think is almost a feature of the human condition," explains vocalist Will Carpenter.  Keep up with them here


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Garren is doing more than making great music  Podcast

Born and raised in Compton, CA, Garren is a singer/songwriter who signed a publishing deal for songwriting at the age of 17. He gained viral success with his single “Wrong Way”, which premiered on Ebro’s Beats 1 show and charted in the top ten on Apple Music. Shortly after, his collaboration with YFN Lucci on “You Know That” surpassed 3 million views. Garren recently debuted his latest single from his upcoming "Conversation" on January 12. The single is from Garren’s upcoming EP “Normal” which is set to release this February.  

In addition to making great music, Garren is making a difference in his community through his high school tours where he is mentoring teens and creating a platform for dialogue and conversations to flourish. 

Follow Garren and his journey here


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Sam Fischer is one of my favorite vocalists  Podcast

Sam stops by to bring me his new debut EP Not A Hobby and we play all 4 tracks off the project and chat about each one.  You aren't going to want to miss the live performance of "The City" at the end of the show as well.  Honestly, one of my favorites.  Just remember who introduced you to him first ;) 



Growing up in the Northern suburbs of Sydney, Sam Fischer wrote his first song at the age of 12, a passion that led him to pursue a career in music during his teens and become formally trained in both the violin and saxophone. A degree program at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston soon followed, as did a move to Los Angeles where he dove head-first into the music scene working as a background vocalist with HOLYCHILD. 

A prolific songwriter, Sam's talents led him to co-writes with DJ Mustard, Clean Bandit, Jennifer Hudson, Sabrina Claudio and Andy Grammar, among others, as well as a publishing deal with SONY/ATV Music Publishing. 

2017 has seen Sam in various studios working on his debut album with top writers and producers including OAK, Fran Hall, Jaimie Hartman, Alex and Alex, and Alex Salibian to name a few . 

His first, indie released single “Lean” debuted on StereoGum and has passed 275,000 streams on Spotify. 

The Top music site raved: Fischer melds the R&B leanings of his smooth, tender vocals with pop craftsmanship for catchy, sultry grooves.


  1. Sam Fischer Interview

NSTASIA is truly "NEXT"   Podcast

The incredibly accomplished Sony/ATV writer who has worked with everyone from Beyonce to Major Lazer to Kelly Clarkson, to name a few is now setting her sights on HER own projects and music.  With a viral hit "Trap or Die" which peaked at #4 on the US Spotify viral chart, the Haitian-American artist is destined for big things.  She stops in to bring me selections off of her latest EP, "New Religion" and we chat about several records including "Chains", "Parachute" and her collaborations with heavy hitters like Skrillex and Calvin Harris.  Just remember who put her on your radar first and you can thank me later!  

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Coast City and Rozen  Podcast

This honestly was one of the best back to back artist interviews we had on Discover to date.  Enjoy! 



You may know JEAN as a Sony Latin artist who was one of the first artists who did a bilingual RnB album back in 2005-2006. He was way ahead of his time. You may know him as Luis Fonsi’s younger brother whose talent and vocal range are unquestionable. You may also know JEAN as one of Marc Anthony’s vocalists who has been touring with him the last 7 years or as the featured artist of Tony Succar’s Unity: The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson. Some know him as an engineer, composer, producer and vocal coach whose credits (below) are indicative of his talent beyond an artist and performer. Many of us don’t know a lot about the talent behind the scenes who are huge contributors to an artist’s success. Danny Flores besides being an incredible piano player is a songwriter, producer, arranger, vocal coach and directs/produces show. His versatile ability to play many styles and genres has placed him on stages around the world. 

Together they form the duo COASTCITY who musically are creating their own lane, their own sound. It is the true definition of their upbringing, a reflection of their culture, a reflection of their roots. COASTCITY is a vibe, it reflects the new generation of Latinos raised and influenced by American and European cultures who were born in other countries. It's Salsa and Soul, it's Funk and electronic, it's Hip-Hop and Pop, it's Tropical and indie. It’s coastal vibes with a city attitude. Follow Coast City here


A child of the world, Rozen travelled a lot when she was young and that experience helped shape her and her sound.  Now all grown up, Rozen is releasing her debut "Pages" which is a super personal project that reflects on facing an abusive relationship.  The rising singer/songwriter stops by to play live in studio and chat about her career to date.  Be sure to follow Rozen here

  1. Rozen and Coast City

Reek Ivan has a story to tell  Podcast

American Rapper/Songwriter whom performs under the sobriquet, Reek I’van. Hailing from the streets of Southwest Philadelphia, Reek quickly captured the attention of industry enthusiasts with his fiery lyric presentation and diverse flow style. Once known as Khaos in the DVD ERA, he won every battle that came his way. 

At the age of 18, Reek was arrested on serious charges facing hefty time while in his freshman year in college.  After a couple years in State Road Prison, he felt robbed of his basketball career when he lost scholarships due to his incarceration. 

After finalizing his case, he immediately enrolled back into a community college and was able to walk on a as new recruit. Subsequently a great basketball season at Montco, Reek dropped out. He had to make some brash decisions with the parentage of his daughter, Maui. 

Reek began building his entertainment company London Boy Ent, which has a ferocious lineup of lyricists waiting to be unleashed. While working and co-writing alongside of notable artists, Reek was able to gather valuable experience in songwriting. These experiences include writing with The Underdogs, performing at The Fame Tour Miami, performance at A3C in ATL and SXSW in Texas, as well as his role in Jay Z's I Got the Keys video. 

He attributes his undeniable stage presence and appeal to the fashion industry where he is a published international model, receiving tons of offers for notable campaigns. 

“In modeling… you exist to be judged on your looks, so when it came time for me to actually showcase my talent (rap) I had no fear, only fire. - @REEK.IVAN

  1. Reek Ivan